Tanabe no SatoSpecial Nursing Home for Elderly

Special Nursing Home for Elderly Tanabe no Sato

Short Stay
Day Service Center
Helper Station
Home Support Service Center

1-31-10, Hayamatsubara, Tanabe-shi, Wakayama 646-0063

  • Lobby and common area

    • First floor
  • Day care center(Functional training room)(capacity:25)

    • First floor
  • Bathing facilities

    • First floor
  • Short stay facility(10 beds in unit-type private rooms)

    • Second floor
  • Nursing home(50 beds)

    • Second floor
    • Third floor
    • Fourth floor
    • All private rooms

You can see the wide view of the sea from the roof. The roof can also be used by the community as an evacuation shelter.