Chairman’s message

In 1998, to meet the needs of Japan’s rapidly aging society, we at Sanyo Fukushikai Social Welfare Corporation established our head office in Kadoma city, Osaka prefecture, and opened a special elderly nursing home with the goal of supporting welfare for the elderly.

Since then, we have come to operate 11 facilities throughout the Kansai region, thanks to the understanding, cooperation, and support from our clients and the people of the region.

This year, we will have a dream come true by opening our first location in Tokyo. “Special Elderly Nursing Home Prime Gardens Koenji,” in Suginami ward, Tokyo will open in November 2020.

Also, in 2018 and 2019 Sanyo Fukushikai opened two child welfare facilities, to support another one of our goals, promoting child welfare.

We at Sanyo Fukushikai, based on our spirit of respect for human rights, have a fundamental goal of achieving a bright society in which all of our clients, such as the elderly and disabled, can live together (normalization). We endeavor to provide child welfare services and nursing welfare services while always keeping in mind the needs of our clients.

We work hard to provide child welfare services with

We have a motto of “peace of mind, comfort, and safety,” and our logo, the mitsuba (a three-leafed Japanese parsley), expresses these three goals. All of us are devoted to work together to make these goals a reality.

In addition, the logo has a combination of three colors: red to represent the warmth and passion of our clients, white to represent the acceptance from the community and people in administrative agencies, and green to represent growth and the source of energy of our staff. With these three factors we will achieve our mission of promoting the welfare of the elderly beginning with our clients and extending to the community at large.

Chairman  MIKIO SUGA

Corporate introduction

Management entity SANYO-FUKUSHIKAI
Address 19-25, Kuwazai-cho, Kadoma-shi, Osaka, 571-0035, Japan
Phone number +81-72-882-3333(main)
Fax number +81-72-885-6118
Opening date April 1998